A Piece Of Silence

A Piece Of Silence is a short story about cold air and frozen fingers. Feeling the cold days, empty streets and sprawling fields away from crowded shopping streets, dazzling lights and Christmas rush. Somewhere in Upper Austria. published on iGnant
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being generation y 5 perspectives on coming of age – Bangkok, Belgrad, Havanna, Plymouth, Wangige photography & concept by Pamina Aichhorn, Melanie Asböck, Isabella Hewlett, Antonia Mayer & Jana Sabo graphic design & layout by Robert Fritz *Part of Vienna Photobook Review 2016 Shortlist* Prologue Where do I come from, where will I go and which means do I have to get there? Do I even want reach this point? These are just a few examples of questions, which all adults have found themselves confronted with at some point and which are far from being easily answered. Questions such as these, were the initial spark that brought our team together to create this photographic project. We, a team of five young photographers, took it upon ourselves to find answers. The most plausible method to us seemed to communicate directly with those that currently were dealing with this topic – young adults. So we went searching for different people, who would be prepared to grant us insight into their lives and allow us to document it and to photograph their daily routine. To give an expressive impression, we looked for five personalities with different cultural background and influences, who would be […]
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